Premature ejaculation and Extenze: who and how can help?

According to statistics premature ejaculation is the problem of 65% of men in the world. In turn, premature ejaculation is a harbinger of quite more serious condition – complete sexual dysfunction, so the responsibility for the treatment of premature ejaculation should take the urologist. Ironically one of the causes of this disorder is not a physiological and psychological nature, so that the successful treatment of rapid ejaculation, even when using the latest techniques and medications, is doubtful in the absence of professional psychological help or support from a loved one.

Let’s understand the causes of premature ejaculation in detail and why a lot of people prefer to use Extenze in this case. First of all, it often occurs in young men who are just starting sexual life, and in this case, and it is due to the most psychological causes. Teens are greatly excited and at the same time, very nervous.

Premature ejaculation, in some cases, can appear due to a violation of interpersonal relationships, increased self-absorption in the sexual sphere, the desire to have fun without having to deliver satisfaction to the partner.

Sometimes premature ejaculation is caused by hyper activity of woman, who brings a man by her actions mechanical stimuli. Ejaculatory control – it’s a man’s ability to control his sexual arousal.

Treatment of premature ejaculation should be aimed at reduce of sensitivity of the head of the penis. And also in the normalization of other factors, such as the regularity of sex and the normalization of the psychological state of man. As you can see, the treatment of rapid ejaculation is not a complicated process and can easily be made at home. Especially, if you treat this disorder with Extenze.

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