What are the side effects of Extenze and how to avoid them?

One of the most popular drugs on the market, that is ready to cope with premature ejaculation, ED and even impotence is Extenze. What is this medication and how does it work, do

Extenze – a brand new, oral, and most importantly effective drug for the treatment of various disorders (weakening) of erection. The drug is able to normalize the erectile function and enables the body to produce a natural response to sexual stimulation. The essence of the action is simple: the drug affects the sexual centers in the body, ensuring the normal flow of blood to the penis in males and clitoris in women.

It is important to understand that Extenze is able to exert influence on the body only during sexual arousal. It would be a mistake to count on the fact that the drug will affect libido or fertility. The tablet is to be taken around one hour before sexual intercourse, and at the same time for an hour or two after meals. Should take one pill and only in special cases.
According to possible Extenze side effects, so constant men’s reviews claim that the drug is safe for use and almost free of side effects.

Extenze successfully passed numerous clinical and laboratory studies. So, at the Southwest Institute of Neurological Studies of the U.S. has been tested a group of 57 patients (37 men and 20 women) with a variety of erectile dysfunction. The patients’ ages ranged from 18 to 80 years. And in the group were patients of risk to the drug – people with diseases of the cardiovascular system, myocardial infarction and patients after various surgeries. Measurements were carried out after a certain time after taking the drug. And finally, the results clearly demonstrated improved erections in 98% of male sexual receptivity and increased in 90% of women. Agree, the results showed a tremendous positive effect on the adoption of Extenze.

However, sometimes (in the study were mentioned adverse effects on the drug) observed undesirable Extenze side effects after intake. Among them, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. However, such effects are extremely unlikely. Moreover, this pill is fully compatible with alcohol (of course, within reasonable limits, as the alcohol itself harms potency), with other drugs, does not cause adverse effects on vision (color perception), and some of the plant components of the drug on the contrary has only positive influence on the endocrine, central nervous and cardiovascular systems.